A marriage of elite craftsmanship and topaz to create designs of wonder

Deborah Milner is a British Fashion Designer who opened her first atelier in 1991. Since 2000 Deborah has been interested in sustainable Couture collaborating with Aveda in 2005 to create her first Ecoture™ collection based on a trip to Aveda’s partners the Yawanawa tribe in Acre, Brazil.

Following 8 years working with Alexander McQueen Deborah has recently re-established her own label, her latest collection Regenerating the Reef highlights the continuation of the ecological ethos and choices behind her brand.

Moritz Waldemeyer is an internationally renowned artist based in London. his work occupies a diverse range of creative spaces, sildenafil from art and product design through to fashion and entertainment.

In 2004 he made his debut into the design world with an interactive chandelier for Swarovski and Ron Arad.

To celebrate the donation of the Ostro stone to the natural history museum we collaborated with these two designers to create this stunning piece for Daphne Guinness.

Each topaz stone was individually illuminated to change colour and react with the music being sung on the night.

Design - Deborah Milner Dress
Design - Deborah Milner Dress

Deborah Milner’s collection, Regenerating the Reef, highlights the sustainable ethos behind her brand, choosing natural dyes and sustainable products wherever possible, working with highly skilled experts and ecologically minded manufacturers to bring her vision to life.

Collaborating with Celine Cousteau to create beautiful jewellery which the proceeds will go towards MAR-L (Mesoamerican Leadership Programme)

Céline Cousteau is a multifaceted social and environmental activist working with a variety of mediums from documentaries to art and design, consulting with corporations and foundations to public speaking. Each form shares the same message of interconnectivity between humans and the natural world.

Her work has included being Guest Designer for Swarovski, ambassador for The TreadRight Foundation, and Member of the World Economic Forum Council on Oceans. Céline sits on the advisory boards of The Himalayan Consensus and Marine Construction Technologies.

With a degree in psychology and masters in Intercultural Relations, Céline is fluent in three languages, and is currently in development of an impact campaign for her latest film, “Tribes on the Edge”.Celine designed this collection specifically for Deborah Milner’s regenerating the reef exhibition and 10% of sales will go to MesoAmerican Leadership Program.

“The combination of Baccarat and Ostro unique skills has given rise to the vision of the ‘Blue Topaz Chandelier’. The masterful craftsmanship and design in bringing together, for the first time crystal and 700 blue ostrotopaz® gemstones has created a magnificent jewel of light and colour” Maurice Ostro

The “Blue Topaz” chandelier is the result of the exceptional collaboration between Baccarat, the legendary crystal manufacturer, and Ostro, renowned the world over for the beauty of its precious natural blue topaz. Adorned with 700 ostro topaz gemstones totaling 25,863 carats and thousands of stunning crystal beads, the chandelier is an authentic and timeless piece of bespoke jewellery.

The Zenith chandelier was created by Baccarat in the 1840s and since it has been ordered by the greats of the world looking for bespoke, stunning lighting pieces to decorate their sumptuous palaces.

The octagonal ostro topaz gems, all meticulously hand cut and polished to exhibit the exquisite blue colours of each facet, range from the magnificent Swiss Blue to the deeper, darker London Blue – featuring a large range of ostroblue® gemstones which are of the most intense blue colour and are the signature and pride of the house of Ostro.

The daring concept of combining ostro topaz gemstones and spectacular crystal to form the ‘Blue Topaz’ chandelier is a world first and demonstrates the skilled craftsmanship of Ostro and Baccarat.

The defining feature in the ‘Blue Topaz’ masterpiece is the “Hyacinth Pear”- a magnificent flawless pear shaped blue topaz drop weighing 188.89 carats subtly suspended from the chandelier centre. Originally from the region of Marambaia in Brazil, it has been over 3 decades since any blue topaz of a comparable colour has been found.

This magnificent cascade of light is dedicated to Max Ostro, the founder of Ostro Minerals and a passionate collector of Baccarat who dreamed of one day being able to realize this masterpiece.

Baccarat Topaz

If you’re interested in enquiring about one of these pieces, please contact pr@ostro.com